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Break me out by disneyfan108 Break me out :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0 The Four Goddesses by disneyfan108 The Four Goddesses :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0 Ball Night by disneyfan108 Ball Night :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 1 0 Old friends by disneyfan108 Old friends :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 1 0 Will And Dr. Smith by disneyfan108 Will And Dr. Smith :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0 Judy and Don by disneyfan108 Judy and Don :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0 Mr And Mrs. Robinson by disneyfan108 Mr And Mrs. Robinson :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0 Judy And Penny by disneyfan108 Judy And Penny :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 1 0 Katrina Van Tassel by disneyfan108 Katrina Van Tassel :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 1 0 Are you my conscience? by disneyfan108 Are you my conscience? :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0 R.I.P. Gilbert Baker by disneyfan108 R.I.P. Gilbert Baker :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 7 3 Eddsworld tribute by disneyfan108 Eddsworld tribute :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 1 0 Me on Azaleas Dolls Fairytale Scene Maker 2 by disneyfan108 Me on Azaleas Dolls Fairytale Scene Maker 2 :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0
Eddsworld Jon x Reader
Jon x reader, suggested by: from Quotev
It was after school on Friday. During interaction time, (Y/n) and Jon were supposed to be with their math teacher to catch up on late work. But, since Eduardo has rubbed off on (Y/n), she decided that her and Jon would ditch, just to be little rebels. But to make sure they wouldn’t get into any more trouble, Eduardo said he’d cover for them. Mainly because he was proud (Y/n) was taking after him. (Y/n) and Jon were boyfriend and girlfriend, and even though they’ve been dating for a few months now, lately they haven’t been able to be together. A lot of reasons have been the problem of them being apart. School work, (Y/n)’s controlling parents, after school stuff they both are stuck with, etc. Friday was the day when they thought they’d be free and be together. When the final bell rang, (Y/n) left the classroom and ran down to the cafeteria. The last lunch period ended hours ago
:icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 0 0
Edd x Reader- A Whole New World
“I can't believe Senior Ball is coming up!” (Y/n) exclaimed. It was after school and (Y/n) and her boyfriend Edd were waiting for their friend Matt to show up so they could head home. After school, (Y/n) had to stay after to get help with math, Edd needed help with science, and Matt was staying after for swim practice. They knew he was done, but they also knew it took time for him to dry off, get changed and then take at least eight minutes to check out his reflection before someone in the room got fed up and told him to get out already. In the meantime, the young couple sat at the check in desk at the front entrance of the school to talk about the upcoming senior ball. They both were going, with them being seniors, but Edd asked her two months ahead of time. Ball was next Friday and they pretty much had everything ready. Tickets bought, dress and tux fitted, etc. “I can’t wait for it.” Edd said. “Me neither.” His girlfriend said. “I wond
:icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 1 0
Us As Mermaids by disneyfan108 Us As Mermaids :icondisneyfan108:disneyfan108 3 0


Earth Zodiac by Beanie86 Earth Zodiac :iconbeanie86:Beanie86 41 6 Curiouser and Curiouser by Beanie86 Curiouser and Curiouser :iconbeanie86:Beanie86 17 1 Fall Fairy by Beanie86 Fall Fairy :iconbeanie86:Beanie86 13 1 ALADDIN AND JAZMINE UNDER THE SEA by FERNL ALADDIN AND JAZMINE UNDER THE SEA :iconfernl:FERNL 193 20 Daughters of Dracula by DKCissner Daughters of Dracula :icondkcissner:DKCissner 1,065 292 My dear Samantha by gating My dear Samantha :icongating:gating 17 9 The Season of Giving by gating The Season of Giving :icongating:gating 68 6 How's This For A Costume? by gating How's This For A Costume? :icongating:gating 38 2 This Was Supposed to be Romantic! by gating This Was Supposed to be Romantic! :icongating:gating 92 23 Anna/Flynn Rider by gating Anna/Flynn Rider :icongating:gating 23 5 Who is Who (Anastasia's sisters, 1997) by isamisa Who is Who (Anastasia's sisters, 1997) :iconisamisa:isamisa 197 2 Cruel Humans by isamisa Cruel Humans :iconisamisa:isamisa 95 22 Royal Reunion by isamisa Royal Reunion :iconisamisa:isamisa 29 0 Bimbettes and Harem Girls by isamisa Bimbettes and Harem Girls :iconisamisa:isamisa 256 25 A princess in the Parlor by isamisa A princess in the Parlor :iconisamisa:isamisa 58 24 Mermaid in Sight by isamisa Mermaid in Sight :iconisamisa:isamisa 84 8



I'm doing the Day of Silence tomorrow. Who else is?
Happy Easter everyone! Have a fun day!
Break me out
Dark Fairy Scene Maker. I made this years back and forgot I had it until now. Don't know what was going through my head when I made this and sorry if this triggers anyone but I guess a very beautiful fairy gets kidnapped and put in lingerie and kept in a bottle as a pretty little ornament for whoever took her and wishes to keep such a beauty all to himself (or herself) and wants her for his or her own needs. The fairy isn't too happy and wants to be let out and seems willing to fight their kidnapper in order to escape. Again, sorry for any triggers, but this could be a fun idea to think up of a fairy being held captive and is trying to make sure her body is not used against her will.
The Four Goddesses
Me, Nicky, Ava and Addy as goddesses. This is us as each of the four elements. I'm a fire goddess. Personally, I can't decide if I'd be more water or fire but I guess I can be fire because of my fiery attitude and quick to anger. Nicky I thought would be good for water since she loves to swim. With Ava and Addy I'm totally sure how they'd be Earth and Air, but since they're sisters, I thought it would fit with earth and air being like sister elements and yet different which does fit them. Ava is earth and Addy is air.
Ball Night
If you remember in my last submission, I said how I used to be close with three young girls who lived near me. Since Ava and Addy moved, it's always been me and Nicky, but I still like to reminiscence about the good old times and keep them going by doing art work of us, mainly doll dress up games. So a while back I made this picture of us together. The girls are younger than me, but I guess you could imagine it's us a lot older, or somehow we're all the same age in this. The red head in the green is me, Emily. The black head in the blue dress is Nicky. The brunette in pink is Ava. The other brunette in the purple is Addy. I have a lot of doll creations of us together and I want to publish them more, so expect more if you like these. I really do miss Ava and Addy living near me and Nicky and she misses them as well. I haven't seen them in years and maybe one day I will.

Anastasia TGMD crossover

Olivia as Anastasia/Anya

Basil as Dimitri

Ratigan as Rasputin

Fidgit as Bartok

The Queen as The Grand Duchess

Dawson as Vlad

Mrs. Judson as Sophie

Flavisham as The Czar

Toby as Pooka

Miss Kitty and sisters as Anastasia's sisters

Snow White and the Seven Care Bears

Snow White- Cheer or Love-a-lot Bear

Evil Queen- Shreeky

Huntsman- Raccoon

Mirror- Face in the book

Prince- Champ

Dopey- Secret Bear


Grumpy- Grumpy Bear


Sleepy- Bedtime Bear

Happy- Funshine?

Doc- Tenderheart?

EAH Total Drama

Apple- Lindsay or Ella?

Raven- Gwen?

Briar- Courtney or Anne Maria?

Maddie- Izzy?

Blondie- Lindsay or Dawn

Cedar- Beth

Ashlynn- Lindsay or Courtney?

Cerise- Gwen?

Hunter- Tyler?

Daring- Justin

Dexter- Cody

Cupid- Sierra


Kitty- Courtney?

Duchess- Heather

Hopper- Scott?



Sparrow- Harold, Duncan or Trent?

Headmaster Grimm- Chris

Giles- Chef

Humphrey- Noah or Cameron









F. N.-

M. N.-



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United States
Welcome to my DeviantArt account! I love Disney, reading, fairy tales, cartoons, fiction and many other things! I write fanfictions on here, mainly Eddsworld reader inserts and my art work is Azaleasdolls creations.


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